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Montessori Technology 411


We’ve learned a lot about technology the past few days at IMS. Thats right- we know what “411” means in the technology world and we are in the know. Our kids have been using 411 as short hand lingo for years! 


All technology puns aside, how would Maria Montessori perceive technology in education? Truth be told, we really cannot say. The modern technology framework of society now is a mere image of what defined technology as Dr. Montessori developed her Philosophy. 


In Montessori- we observe. So if we take the time to observe who Dr. Montessori was as a person, perhaps we might better understand what her perception would have been if the technology today existed in her classroom. 


Four observations collected from across several readings and articles:

1-  Maria Montessori had a cutting-edge personality with cutting-edge goals

2- She continuously sought out the most cited current research of the times.

3- She tipped the notion of children on its head when she insisted that children were the most efficient learning in any community. 

4-  She personally developed a powerful series of pedagogical materials that transformed the field of education and endures over 100 years later.


With these observations in mind and in studying Montessori’s story and her own writing, there is good reason to believe that Maria Montessori would approach today’s technology with curiosity and openness. 


But, would she integrate digital tools into her method of education? 

I would seemingly believe that she would reject utilizing digital technology for its own sake, as well as digital tools that distract and interrupt children’s workflow, but that she would likely embrace tools that provide access to phenomena, places or people that would otherwise be impossible to access. Think culture, global education with peace education, human connection through grace and courtesy, practical life. 


So then how can digital technology be incorporated for Montessori students?


Given the prevalence of computers and technology devices in our society,  Montessori might have supported children developing a deep understanding about how these machines work. It is immensely helpful for children to understand not only that people tell computers what to do, but to also understand how they do it. After all- this is a practical life experience in today's society. 

Embracing the research power of online search engines also supports children’s discernment and evaluation skills as they seek to determine what sources of information are reliable and what sources need to be triangulated.


For our youngest learners, they are in an ongoing process of making sense of the world, perceiving and learning through their senses. Thus Montessori’s materials are second to none for the young child. Yet, there are a few tools that fit well with the Montessori philosophy and could be included, such as the Merlin Bird ID app by Cornell. Children can use this app with the support of teachers to identify birds that frequent their outdoor learning spaces. This process supports children’s development of the awareness of key scientific processes, vocabulary and concepts that would be much more difficult to access using handheld books.  


My Closing Hypothesis

Dr. Montessori would have considered technology a material, but only in the same light as her other materials- providing children opportunity to discover learning through independent learning, repetition, and practice. For her, too much screen time is equivalent as too many worksheets. 


You can imagine why this topic has been one I ponder upon as of late. I have felt like a child in Dr. Montessori's technology class, curiosity driving the planning and building of creative Montessori online environments. Distanced learning is a tangled web to weave in light of our current imposed closing. A careful balance of teaching from afar- but not too far online. 


Remember when Dr. Montessori said, “ The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist.”?  Well we are about to give that a little test :)

Interested to know how we will do our best to meet your expectations and our own? Click on this link to check out how this concept was brainstormed and what we are using to guide our work.  

In Peace :) Ms. Lara


Montessori Word of the Week

Practical Life:  One of the four areas of activities of the Montessori prepared environment. The exercises of Practical Life resemble the simple work of life in the home. These purposeful activities help the child adapt to a new community, learn self-control and be a contributing party of the social unit.


I bet you know where this word of the week is going! To best uphold our philosophy, we will be sending ideas of practical life for home. It's part of our daily routine in class, and even in distanced learning it can be too

Click here to check out this practical life skills chart that works perfect for home!




Thank you to All our Families- and a special Thanks to... 

If you have a family, volunteer, or business helping IMS and they would love a shoutout, let us know! 

Mysteries of Montessori Explained: Social and emotional Learning and lessons 

TIP 1: Lead with empathy

TIP 2: Provide insight to your children

TIP 3: Validate feelings

Direct Aim 

To grow a healthy mindset, using empathy, self-care, and perspective.

Indirect AimI

To give the child intuition and logical analysis to systematically understand with a degree of social and emotional learning to spur others to grow and  succeed.

How Does Montessori Present This?

Montessori schools teach ordinary children how to be gifted learners. The focus on building the whole child rather than just the academic part is part of how the Montessori Method builds self-esteem, independence and leadership. 

For examples:

-Cosmic Education

-Practical Life

-Service Learning

-Grace and Courtesy 

- Peace Education

I Guess you can see where this is going....


This week we are taking a different route in explaining our lessons. When uncertainty is presented- helping children make sense of what they might feel and how others feel is essential to creating a positive and compassionate culture. 





Diversity Committee's Book of the Month      March Reading List

Each Month, IMS Diversity Committee plans to suggest a book title! One title for each level, and even one for our parents! This month we feature bold women with bold ideas in honor of Women's History Month!

Montessori in the World!

Montessori Alumni

In honor of Women's History, our diversity committee suggested we highlight Montessori alumni who have taken their Montessori education beyond the classroom and into the world. In thanks to Dr. Montessori, a pioneering female who broke barriers,  many wonderful minds have continued peace education practices in wonderful ways.  Each week this month, we will share a new alumni and their work in the world.  

Julia Child


 Chef and Cookbook Author 


Montessori graduate, Julia Child was a pioneer in bringing French cuisine to the America dinner table with her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and her PBS cooking shows. Throwing off conventional wisdom, she taught that cooking in a could be an enjoyable, everyday process. Now where would she get an idea like that?


And yes, you might know why I chose Julia Child this week. That's right! Cooking at home is a great way to bring practical life to a distanced learning environment. So, you may see some recipes come home as a work and we love that it doesn't require screen time :)




Alumni Spotlight- Jasper Pham, 2017 Graduate


Jasper Pham, 2017 Alumni- The First Graduating Class of IMS!

I graduated IMS in 2017, and I currently attend Wilmington Early College High School (WECHS). I’m in 11th grade. When I was attending Island Montessori, I liked my friends and the community the Montessori Classroom creates. Island Montessori prepared me for high school by teaching me people skills and who can be helpful. IMCS taught me how to manage my time, and now my greatest accomplishment in high school is having good grades. Some advice I would give to current IMS students is to start thinking about career you may want, and make sure you always get your work done with quality.  


A Look Ahead

​We sadly say- all upcoming events are postponed or cancelled.

But let's all keep looking ahead to when we can be together again!






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