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Your Mindful Montessori Moment

 What Will You DO With Your Extra Day? 


Are you ready to celebrate the 2020 Leap Year? Last week I highlighted how we can honor the spirit of the child through the use of mindful compliments in order to provide genuine attention- a powerful gift!


This week, I would like us to turn our mindful, genuine attention outward. The foundation of Dr. Montessori's philosophy is peace education. Peace education in our classroom resonates when every individual is valued and appreciated with an attitude of kindness and gratitude. Our teachers work daily to model kindness and with intention plan to 


We would like to extend this component of our classrooms to you at home! Saturday, February 29th is an EXTRA day for all of us! IMS would like to extend our peace education to all of you on this day by generating kindness and sharing it together as a family. We will be brainstorming all week, so children are full of ideas to share with you! This graphic shows you our plan and how you can help honor the spirit of the child through kindness in peace education.



Enjoy! Ms. Lara :)     







Montessori Word of the Week

Sensitive Period: A psychology term that refers to a time or stage in a person's development when they are more responsive to certain stimuli and quicker to learn particular skills




Thank you to All our Families- and a special Thanks to... 

If you have a family, volunteer, or business helping IMS and they would love a shoutout, let us know! 

Mysteries of Montessori Explained

The Vertical Decanomial Square to The Angular Square of Pythagoras

I cannot tell a lie- this week, I simply didn't have the time to lay out the entire Decanomial to show the first and second layout of the Square of Pythagoras. However- I found someone who could do it even better! Enjoy :)

Vertical/Horizontal Layout


First Presentation (Begins in Primary): 

Assembly of bead bars i, Finding patterns in numbers (a key to understanding Algebra),using the discrimination of size, dimension, and finding perfect squares (to replace using the bead cabinet) and rectangles.


Second Presentation:

(Children’s House, Early Elementary)

Skip Counting and factors as a numerical focus have children label the squares and rectangles using a multiplicand, multiplier, and product.


Third Presentation (Typically Elementary): 

The study of the Decanomial Square now places importance on the diagonal comprised of the squares of 1 through 10- related to multiplication and powers.


Fourth Presentation (Third Year) The study of Commutative Law as it relates to multiplication and geometric concepts. Children discover that commutative pairs are congruent, and commutative pairs make squares. They discover that the rectangles above the squares are congruent to the rectangles below the squares and that squares are formed by equal base and height.


Fifth Presentation:(Elementary): 

The study of the Decanomial Square deepens by using the commutative law by having students replace more unstable rectangles with those more stable. such as the 2 separate red unit bead bars (1x2) with a single green 2 bead bar (2x1).


Square of Pythagoras


First Presentation (Third Year): 

Children use the commutative law and combine rectangles to make as many squares as possible and exchange for more stable squares.- Boom! Square of Pythagoras!



Second Presentation (Third Year):

Children observe how many squares of each size are created, then stacking alike squares to make cubes, hen the cubes stacked to make a step tower, children then connect to Pink Tower. The abstracted observation is that “The square of a decanomial in which the ten terms equal the first ten natural numbers equals the sum of the cubes of these numbers.”


Onward to Upper Elementary 


Even later still, this work is extended to replacing the numbers with the symbols A – J.  In this last stage, the white square (the 7×7 beads) becomes G2.

Diversity Committee's Book of the Month February Reading List

Each Month, IMS Diversity Committee plans to suggest a book title! One title for each level, and even one for our parents! This month we feature all Coretta Scott King Awarded books, illustrators, and authors!

Montessori in the World!

An Invitation 

How Dr. Montessori Caught the Attention of an Engineer 

Eduardo Talamo, an Engineer from Rome who later went onto be a senator, was the person who invited Dr. Montessori to start the first ‘Casa Dei bambini’ in San Lorenzo. Talamo was engaged in efforts to build quarters for the poor in Roman slums. However, he was faced with roaming and interfering young children of the unattended children of factory workers. They wandered about the clean halls and stairways, defacing everything they could reach. Talamo conceived a simple plan to set apart a big room where the children could be contained and invited Montessori to take up the pedagogical project. 


Fisher, D. (1912) The Montessori Mother, New York: Henry Holt & Company.




Alumni Spotlight- Nicholas Scrocco, 2017 Graduate

Nicolas Scrocco, 2017 Alumni- The First Graduating Class of IMS!

1)  I graduated IMCS in 2017.


2)  Currently, I go to Coastal Christian High School, and I’m in 11th grade.


3)  When I was still attending IMCS, I liked the freedom to pursue what you thought was important and interesting in your life and the hands on nature of the school .


4)  Island Montessori prepared me for high school by teaching me great time management skills because of the freedom we had. Not only does this prepare you for the openness of high school, I would say it even puts you ahead of most students. 


5)  To me my greatest achievements in high school come along with the fact that I have to balance school work and athletics. Being an athlete is an awesome thing everyone should try, but the stress it can put on your schedule can be a lot at times. Once you get this balance down though it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced. Not only can I win with my team after school and go on great trips, but I can also still hold my own in hard college level corses because I know how much time I need to devote to each. 


6)  My biggest piece of advice I can give is to develop good study habits right off the bat so that you don’t fall behind in your classes. Each night make sure you review what you did in school that day even if you feel like you understand it, because when that test comes you don’t want it to slip your mind.



Did You Know at IMS....

Did you know IMS has a Reverse Osmosis and Elkay Bottle Filling Water Station? Did you know we have saved an average of 70,000 or more plastic water bottles at each water station so far? Even better, did you know we have had these installed for almost 3 years now? That's right! We were and are forward thinking! Back in 2017, we installed our systems at each water fountain, so that we could guarantee safe drinking water for all of our children!

A Look Ahead

FSA Bowling Night- 2/28

​Arts Night Out- 3/12





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