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First Day Excitement! Some Quick Pointers and Tips!



In Peace :) Ms. Lara


The first 20 days of remote learning...

Here is a look at how we will support our children in families in the first 20 days of school. Click on the image to view all 4 weeks. For each goal, there are links to parent resources to assist you in your remote journey as a family. 

Montessori Word of the Month




I bet you know where this word of the week is going! To best uphold our philosophy, our daily routine in class has been as closely replicated in remote learning. Normalization is the time period it takes for children to fully immerse in the environment with focus, concentration, and independence. Naturally, this can take 8-10 weeks. When working hybrid, or remote we will be most patient and tedious in nurturing this new normalization. 




Diversity Committee's Book of the Month       Reading List

Each Month, IMS Diversity Committee plans to suggest a book title! One title for each level, and even one for our parents! This month we feature bold women with bold ideas in honor of Women's History Month!

Montessori in the World!

The First Look

Below is a photograph of Dr. Montessori as she examines the first copies of a new addition of her book, 'The Montessori Method'. As we begin remote learning, we wonder what her new addition of 'The Montessori Method' would include. I observe in this photograph her confident and fulfilled spirit. From our mere ability to observe, I am reminded that we are strong in the Montessori Philosophy- strong enough to create her new addition. 


Dr. Montessori


A Look Ahead

August 17- First Day of School! 

August 17- Material and Device Pick-Up 

9:00-10:00; 1:00-2:00



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